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Personal and Collaborative

1-2-1 coaching provides clients with a unique and personalised training regime that is tailored specifically to their needs. Whether vocal coaching, acting tuition, or audition preparation, each session with Benjamin will be fluid and guided by your specific needs relating to material or techniques relevant to your growth. 

Working as a creative, Benjamin has worked with schools and theatre groups to assist and enhance performances and productions, or to advance the groups skillset. Whether accessible choreography, vocal coaching, direction, or acting coaching, there is something for every creative company to use. Utilising Benjamin as a part of your creative or staff team is a fantastic way to enhance your results and encourage your team/cast/students.


- Creative & Coach

1-2-1 Coaching

In person or online

Vocal Coaching

1 hour - £25

Each Vocal Coaching lesson contains a warm up and vocal exercise session working on technical skills, engaging your support system, and breath control. Following this, you will dive into a song of your choice, looking at how you can make decisions to not only create a wonderful sound, but also tell the story of what you are singing.

Acting Tuition

1 Hour - £25

Acting Tuition classes work on understanding text, character, and different practitioners techniques and how you can best apply them to your performance. Unless requested by the client specifically, you will focus mainly on naturalism and how creating detailed characters and a realistic story can impact your work.

Audition Preperation

2 Hours - £45

Audition Preperation classes are designed to be one off sessions that will not only help you break down material for an audition and improve your performance, but also - for those who are perhaps newer to the audition room, will cover appropriate etiquette and expectations when in the room. 

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